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Mission and Vision Statement

Valley View's Mission Statement:

The teachers, parents, students and community members of Valley View Elementary exemplify a focused dedication to creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and caring, where all students are encouraged to express themselves creatively and thrive to reach their individual potential in an ever-changing society. We strive to create a well-ordered learning environment built on a challenging and stimulating course of study for all learners, interweaving the arts and technology into the curriculum.

Valley View's Vision Statement:

The vision of Valley View Elementary School is to prepare our students for a rapidly changing world by equipping them with the 21st century skills of: collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and communication. Our students will aspire to be respectful and responsible global citizens who persevere and have compassion for others.

LA Unified School District Mission:

Embracing our diversity to educate L.A.'s youth, ensure academic achievement and empower tomorrow's leaders. We are L.A. Unified.

LA Unified School District Vision:

L.A. Unified will be a progressive global leader in education, providing a dynamic and inspiring learning experience where all students graduate ready for success.